What are Bahama wooden shutters? Well there’re exterior wooden shutters mostly used on homes to provide protection from hurricane force winds.

Bahama ShuttersBahama Shutters are also intended for shade from the sun, and in some cases customized to give a great look for you house. This is an absolute must have if you reside in states like Florida.

Bahama shutters originated in the Caribbean where hurricanes and tropical storms frequently devastated homes and property. Powerful winds tore apart signs and uprooted trees, hurling projectiles and shattering windows leaving rooms open to the flooding rains. To fight back, hurricane shutters we created to block external forces and divert the wind protecting the glass from debris and strong wind exposure.

Bahama shutters were designed to open up from the bottom to provide shade from the hot tropical sun serving a dual purpose acting as an awning when open. They are unique because there is only one shutter per window making them much wider than traditional shutters ranging between 24 and 120 inches.

Bahama shutters are employed as a variety of protection from strong winds that come from thunder storms or hurricane force winds. They keep debris from flying in to your windows throughout bad storms. Before even thinking about installing these types of exterior shutters you will want obtain permits, as well as a basic knowledge of your respective local codes.

Bahama shutters are built by first of all having a plan layout on how to build and the materials required. Shutters are then designed and the materials estimated. The shutter is framed and rails cut to fit the whole height of the window and stiles. Mortises are prepared on the outer rails and tenons using the hacksaw, drill and mortise tool. After fitting, the wood ends are sanded and left to dry overnight. The entire piece is then sanded lightly before finishing with stain and varnish.

Installing Bahama Shutters

Initial things first, you will want to take measurements of each one of the windows that you will be installing bahama shutters on. Take a tape measure and evaluate the height and width of each and every window. You must be as accurate as possible when taking your measurements, as you take a bad measurement the exterior shutters will not fit.

Next you’ll want to make marks on the center points down the windows. You will need to drill holes at each mark you made, and at each one of the four corners of the window. Make sure you make the opening big enough with the sized bolts that you are using.

Put your Bahama Shutters against the window, making sure that they fit as tighty as they possibly can. Install the bolts and make sure that they are completely secure in order that they will not come loose. Keep in mind that you might be preparing for 100+ mph winds. Then you can paint your shutters to match the exterior of your house.

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