Storm window panels are the least expensive type of approved storm protection. Protecting homes in certain areas is essential, especially in hurricane-prone areas. Aluminum or steel hurricane panels are the choice of new home builders for meeting the requirement to install an approved hurricane protection system for each new home. Manufactured from corrugated steel or aluminum pieces designed to overlap each other, this design results in an integrated and strong metal panel. These steel or aluminum storm panels can be installed vertically or horizontally using a top and bottom rail system. As lexan panels, they can also be directly mounted to a building without a rail.

Think about what a single hurricane storm panel can do to protect your investment, and then multiply that level of protection by a factor of 10 or more. Stormwise is here to provide a superior level of protection that is unmatched by our competitors. For more storm protection products such as clear hurricane panels and impact-resistant glass, take the time to browse our site and contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

• Corrugated metal or polycarbonate hurricane panels that interlock in approximately 13-inch increments
• Simple installation
• New see-thru polycarbonate panels allow light and view
• Headers and sills, should they be used, can be removable and stored until required
• Economical storm protection
• Can be installed with little or no architectural impact
• Meets all code requirements
• Great variety of attachment systems
• Vertical or horizontal panel installation
• Hurricane Panels can overlap
• Reduced cost
• Aluminum or Galvanized steel panels
• Heights to 12 feet
• Special sizes upon request
Samples of Our Work
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Storm Panels should be considered if…
• Concrete, Masonry and frame construction with or with out lap style siding.
• Easy access to openings from outside.
• Only on the structure when in use.
• Want an economical but effective protection.

Storm Wise offers an accordion shutter product which exceeds all building code requirements.